A data suite for Concentrated Liquidity AMMs (CLAMMs)

4 min readOct 13, 2021

It’s been some months since Uniswap v3 was launched and since then, developments around CLAMMs have boomed with multiple vault managers, derivatives products and liquidity mining programs launched on top Uniswap v3 pools. Even a new CLAMM will be launched by Sushi to the market soon. Despite this, data information and insights about performance of these new products -either trader and liquidity provider side- are still really scarce and fragmented, specially for new users as the only good tools are oriented to tracking specific positions. This situation will probably only get worse as more CLAMMs, products and derivatives are launched on different blockchains. is launched with the intention of filling part of this gap by building a suite of products that provides data and insights about CLAMMs pools and derivative products built on top.


The base idea is to build a web app that could provide both general -non user position related- and specific data about CLAMMs pool and derivative products. Firstly, development will be focused on Uniswap v3 backtesting and LPs vaults managers performances with the intention of evolving to a community-based web where different researchers could accommodate products and insights.

The main three products that will conform this project are:

  1. Open-sourced backtesting tool for liquidity providers on CLAMMs pools: following the works summarized in this article, already counts with a Uniswap v3 backtester for mainnet pools. This tool allows users to look back on all pools performance based on both fixed and dynamic price ranges , different capitals amounts and date periods. Once this first version is properly tested and expanded to accommodate all Uniswap V3 layer2 solutions, the intention is to publish the backtester back-end code (front end is already open sourced) and embrace community improvement proposals and requests that address new strategies or CLAMMs markets.
  2. LPs vaults managers tracker: fungibility of vaults managers position and similarities between smart contracts deployed make it easier to develop a common framework to extract and process on-chain data generated by these products. Although every product counts with its own data visualization and performance tracking tools, gathering all together will allow us to provide the users with a focal point to compare the performance of the different products before “ape in”, as well as tracking their different positions altogether and compare them to competitors products once the chips are down.
  3. Market and pool view dashboard: leveraging both the tools above mentioned and a back-end with custom collected data of the different CLAMMs will be possible, not only to provide users with CLAMMs specific indicators as ranged fees generation, liquidity depth or price impact, but also past precalculated performances (using the backtester) or comparison across covered derivative products (i.e vaults managers). Information would be presented in a one-page market view addressing the hottest pools of every platform/layer with customizable indicators and time periods. Additional information and visualizations addressing specific pools will be available consulting pool view pages. A potential additional side product right now in researching could complement market view dashboard providing users with a selection of the best pools to ape in based on community or expert researching using backtesting tools and custom collected data provided by and future partners.


Along with this article a first version of has been launched . The features included in this beta version along with future development scheduling are outlined below:

Already deployed on

A CLAMMs backtester following methodology explained here:

  • Support Uniswap mainnet pools with both fixed and dynamic prices ranges (based on bollinger bands or % around the price)
  • Providing a front-end to interact with the backtester that allows the users to select the desired pool, price ranges and timeframe.
  • Open sourcing front-end to embrace community based improvements

October 2021:

CLAMMs backtester:

  • Support Uniswap v3 Layer 2 pools
  • Open sourcing back-end to include community-based additional features as custom price ranges or potential hedges

LPs vaults managers tracker:

  • Launch beta version including and vaults users position tracking and comparison
  • Open sourcing front-end to embrace community based improvements

November 2021:

CLAMMs backtester:

  • Open sourcing back-end to include community-based additional features as custom price ranges or potential hedges
  • Address community improvement proposals

LPs vaults managers tracker:

  • Include non user related vault data
  • Increase vaults manegers platforms available
  • Address community improvement proposals

December 2021 / Q1 2020:

  • Support Sushi Trident’s CLAMMs pools
  • Increase vaults managers platforms available
  • Beta launch of Market view and Pool view dashboards for uniswap v3, across all platforms available

Team and community

After a hard month of work along with RidgRun, we are really excited to start this journey that we hope could help the community to navigate these CLAMMs choppy waters. Give us a hand providing feedback, pointing bugs or even proposing PR for UI improvements in our Github. You can find out more about, joining our community in Discord and following our Twitter.